Choices, Addictions and Resurrection

Choices, Addiction and the Resurrection

To make good choices our hearts and minds need to be connected. We need to be aware of our intended desired outcomes. On many occasions I have heard people talk about their jobs etc. and say the words “my heart is just not in it” and yet driven on by the needs and desires to make a living we carry on.

We are not quite happy but sometimes there seems that there is no other way. In our language I have also often heard the “follow your head not your heart”. Knowing what we do about the heart field and Heartmath’s2 work , to me, that is now one of the most absurd comments ever.

Becoming Congruent

It is part of our spiritual journey to become congruent; part of that journey is making choices that involve the mind and the heart and using our will to carry out that choice.

Addictions are numerous in our society and they may keep us from reaching our true potential.  We use them to occupy ourselves  and stop the heart and the mind connecting. God forbid that we should feel what we are really feeling and what might happen if we were actually honest with ourselves and expressed these feelings.

It’s very possible that this would really “rock the boat” in our lives.


But what actually is an addiction?

An addiction is anything that has more power over us than we do, so that can be drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, sugar, food, sex, money and it can even be ways of being for example, like being addicted to drama in our lives because that is what we use to get attention, the need for approval, and I could go on and on. Addiction is a habit that keeps us playing small.


So how do you break a habit or heal an addiction?

If you,  or me wanted to heal an addiction then first we have to become conscious or aware that we have the addiction in the first place. So it’s a bit like the alcoholic that goes to their meetings at alcoholics anonymous and says my name is…….. And I am an alcoholic, smoker, sugar addict etc.  Of course we don’t have to go to a meeting, or group to become aware of our addictions, however it is true support groups can help us get over these addictions, but the first stage is admitting it to ourselves.

Acceptance and Acknowledgement

From the point of acceptance and acknowledgement, we are then at a point where we can begin to heal the habit. There are many systems, and methods of healing addiction, hypnotherapy, coaching, EFT to name but a few. Healing an addiction is about putting yourself back in the driving seat, taking back your power and not been controlled by old out-dated habitual responses.  Effectively you can start to live again and leave the robotic programming behind.


How do we become addicted?

Addictions are habits, habits are ways of being, we continually repeat things and in the end it just seems normal. This is why it can be difficult to break a habit because it seems so normal. To break a habit it starts with the little things in life.  If you always have a cup of tea first thing in the morning, try not having it, at first it feels strange but then it gets better.  Habits are comforting and its worth noting that some habits are good but an awareness of our habitual nature is helpful.

Food, sugar, nicotine, chocolate, alcohol

Things like alcohol, food, sugar etc. are addictions of the heart, we are looking for comfort for love, and addictions to work, money, position, control are addictions of the ego.

If it’s the repetition that creates the habit then it stands to reason that it’s going to be repetition of healthy lifestyle habits that are going to help us to heal the habit.  Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool to assist us in breaking unhealthy habits.


When we have healed our addictions we can get on with becoming congruent to whom we truly are.

Being who we truly are, I believe is about surrender to something far bigger than us.  As humans one of the greatest gifts is the power of choice, paradoxically as we grow as spiritual beings, to be of greatest service, we then surrender that choice.

The story of Jesus at Easter is a metaphor for that surrender of choice, for as he surrendered to what was to be, he was then rewarded with resurrection. Perhaps this story shows us the power of becoming congruent and surrendering to a higher power so that we too may be resurrected to our true potential as human beings.

Swedenborg1 a Swedish Scientist and mystic born in the 1600’s belief was that the purpose of our human existence was to become a race of Angels. What a heart-warming thought.



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hypnotherapy for positive change



What is hypnotherapy?


  • According to the NHS website hypnotherapy is a type of complementary therapy that uses hypnosis; hypnosis is defined as an altered state of consciousness.


  • The LCCH defines hypnosis as an inferred psychophysiological state which is characterised by increasing suggestibility and states that hypnotherapy is a form of therapy in which the use of hypnotism constitutes the core of the treatment.


  • The National Hypnotherapy Society says that “hypnotherapy is a skilled verbal communication used during hypnosis, which helps a client’s imagination in such a way as to bring about intended alterations in sensations feelings and thoughts”.


  • The Cambridge dictionary describes hypnotherapy as the use of hypnosis to treat emotional problems; it describes hypnosis as a mental state like sleep, in which a person’s thoughts can be easily influenced by someone else.


Hypnotherapy is a tool that can help you make positive changes.  It can help you with confidence, self-esteem, public speaking and much much more.  Old fashioned beliefs and images of hypnosis were that the hypnotist exerted power over the client, but contrary to this belief hypnosis is not something “done to the client”.

Instead it is about working with the client in a relationship of trust and rapport, to call up his own creative healing and problem-solving power .  This state in which the client has moved beyond purely conscious perceptions, thought patterns, and beliefs, and is more in touch with his “inner mind” – is trance. It is a state in which the person can bypass the part of his mind that is bound by waking logic and the limits of the physical world.

But trance is not limited to the hypnotist’s office. It is a natural state in which we’re all familiar. (David L. Calof – “the couple who became each other”


Hypnosis is a natural state of mind . How many of us have simply drifted away whilst reading a book and become completely involved, unconcerned about time or place?

Sometimes we may have forgotten part of a car journey; or perhaps whilst sitting relaxing your mind may have just wondered off into a daydream. These would all be examples of natural hypnosis.


Another term for hypnosis could be trance; a trance denotes any state of awareness or consciousness other than a normal awaking state of consciousness. Trance states can occur involuntarily such as when doing repetitive acts like driving a car or perhaps when reading a book.


A trance state is an altered state of awareness; one type of altered state of awareness that we are all aware of happens when we are asleep, other states of altered states of awareness can also be induced by meditation, drugs, alcohol and of course hypnosis.

Frequencies and states

But what actually is an altered state of awareness.  Our normal waking state has been called the Beta state this refers to a brainwave frequency the Beta frequency is 14-30 Hz and this would be our normal active state. Altered states of awareness like deep sleep for example is classified as a Delta, which is 0.5 -4Hz.  Two other states have been classified and these are called Alpha 7-14 Hz and Theta 4-7 Hz.  Alpha and Theta would seem to be the states which we would consider someone to be in following hypnotism.  In these states we become suggestible and under the guidance of a hypnotherapist positive suggestions for change and wellbeing can be made to an individual, without the critical intervention of the conscious.


The conscious mind is the logical mind; it is the part of the mind responsible for reasoning and logic. It is the part of us that makes voluntary movements.  When we are born the conscious mind has not sufficiently developed and it is thought it does not develop until we are about 7 years old. Those years before a child reaches 7 years, are highly formative years, and the subconscious mind is effectively programmed by the caregivers that we have.  The conscious mind has been called the Gatekeeper of the mind and it will filter information. If for example a belief is presented to us that do not match our own beliefs then the conscious mind will filter this and not allow it to influence. In some cases this may be useful but it can also be extremely unuseful if for example we have taken on some of our primary caregivers beliefs that prevent us from reaching our full potential.


The subconscious mind is responsible for all the involuntary actions; it maintains breathing and all of the many other involuntary functions going on in the body.  It is also responsible for the emotions, which is why sometimes you may feel anxious, afraid etc. without really wanting to experience those emotions. The Subconscious mind also holds all your memories and beliefs.


If you have ever tried to consciously do something but not been able to achieve it, it’s probably because the subconscious mind has another agenda.


Beliefs and values are at the core of human behaviour. To make changes in our lives we need to engage the subconscious; you can try really hard to change behaviour for example like smoking but not succeed. Consciously you may realise that it would be a good idea not to smoke, overeat etc. but when it comes to doing it; it can be really difficult.  However if the subconscious mind is engaged in the process then it is more likely that you will succeed.


Hypnotherapy is a therapy that utilises hypnosis to guide a client into a trance like state, neither wide awake, nor sleeping; it is this in between state that the subconscious can be contacted and positive suggestions given for change.





Soul Resonance Reading

Soul Resonance Reading

red-heart-with-keyA Soul Resonance Reading will take you to the heart of who you are.

A soul resonance reading links soul path analysis, which is based
on the sound vibration of  the letters in your birth name and astrology.

A soul path reading can help you understand your purpose in this life ~ it can really help you find the meaning of your life to help you make sense of things

A soul path reading is very powerful experience which you may  find uplifting, empowering and even emotional.

There may come  a time in our lives when we begin to question why we are here and what is life all about.  The system which has produced this report is one of many tools that could assist you in discovering your true life purpose and direction.


I link Soul Path analysis with astrology, colour and sound to take you to the core of who you are. (for more information on soul  path/soul plan please click onto my resources page).

The above Soul plan charge belongs to Prince Rogers Nelson. When you look at his chart above , you can see that the 7-7 appears 3 times.  The 7-7 is linked to communication, networking and we can from the symbol that it looks like chains linking. That is what the 7-7 is all about.  The soul plan /path chart is created from using Prince’s full name without  any knowledge of his birth date.

Below is the astrology chart of Prince and we can see he was born at the beginning of June. His sun sign was Gemini.  Gemini is all about communication and linked with the planet mercury the messenger.  I think that we can all agree that this man was very much the messenger. I find it fascinating that his birth name and his date of birth confirm the same thing.

His worldly challenges which are the 6-6 are linked with focus, being able to focus. He probably found it very difficult to focus and when I read about him I learnt that as a child he had epilepsy. Then one day he went to his mum and said he wasn’t going to be sick anymore . She asked him why and he said that an angel told him.  Guess what he wasn’t sick anymore.  His connections to Angels and worldly service can be seen in the 10-1 of his woridly goals, this is very much a service energy and links with Archangel Michael.

His soul destiny the 5-5 , shows a  sensitive soul that wanted to be inspirational and he was certainly that . The 5-5 also links with Aries (very inspirational adventurous people) and in his astrology chart it shows his south node of the moon in Aries. The south node of the moon is possibly linked to past lives, so it is possibly that he had learnt his inspirational qualities in another lifetime.  Scorpio on the ascendant gave us a very charismatic man.


The numerology part of this reading is has its roots in ancient Hebrew Gematria. Your Soul Path is decoded from the sound vibration of your birth name and are then applied to your chart in the form of the Shatkona, the six pointed star. The Shatkona comprises two interlocking triangles, the upper pointing triangle stands for Shiva and the lower pointing triangle to Shakti. In relation to your soul path this is highly relevant as this suggests that your Soul Destiny is born from the two aspects of worldly and spiritual experiences.

Perhaps even the  Ego and the Soul.

Astrology shows you your soul sign, where your soul is headed in this lifetime which is strongly linked with the Soul Destiny of Soul Path.

The birth chart is a guide, it does not fix our life in stone. It can show us what we came here to learn and how we can throw some light on where we need to go to be the best we can.

Hippocrates was known as the “Father of Medicine”. He made a study of astrology, and in his work “Corpus Hippocraticum” stated that attention must be paid to the rise of the stars when treating or working with a person.

We are all connected and many of seem to sense that we are connected to the planetary energies of a dynamic universe. We are the microcosm within the macrocosm.

Sulis Minerva Goddess of Healing and Sacred Waters

Sulis Minerva Goddess of Healing and Sacred Waters
Minerva from Bath
The Head of Sulis Minerva in Bath

Sulis Minerva ~ Goddess of Healing

Sulis Minerva is the Goddess that watches over the waters of Bath’s thermal springs. Minerva was the Goddess of Healing, Wisdom, Art and Crafts, and commerce, her Greek counterpart is the Goddess Athena.

From mythology we are told that Minerva’s father was Jupiter and that she had no mother as she came directly from Jupiter’s brain.

Owls and olive trees are often associated with the Goddess because of the connection of owls being wise and full of wisdom. Pallas Athena is sometimes called the female mars, she is not a fighter though as she is far more concerned with strategy.  We might see Mars rushing off into battle, Pallas however would stop and think up a battle plan.

Before the Romans came to England the hot springs of Bath bubbled up through an oak tree lined grove. Legend has it that their original discovery is attributed to Prince Bladud around 863 BC.

Prince Bladud had been exiled from his Kingdom because he had leprosy and he had been forced to become a swineherd.  He watched his pigs as they bathed in the warm muddy pool and noticed that their skins became healed of various ailments.

He too decided to bathe in the muddy pool and it healed him of the leprosy so that he was able to return to his kingdom.  In gratitude for the healing he had received he formed a temple at the spot of the hot springs and dedicated it to the Celtic Goddess Sulis ~ the Romans took this Celtic name and merged it with the name of their own Goddess Minerva hence we have Sulis Minerva.

If you visit the Roman Baths today you can still get a feel of the very special energy that is there.  There are many sacred waters throughout the United Kingdom though this is the only thermal spring.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

EnergyIF I said that you were a being of light, a spiritual being in a human body, a Vibrational Energy Being, how does that make you feel?

DO you believe that?

I have worked with astrology and numerology for many years and I am often asked by clients how does astrology and numerology fit in with the law of attraction.  If we are these unlimited spiritual beings how can we be confined by a system like astrology or numerology?

WELL, which every way we look at it, both systems do seem to show us who we are.  They are ancient systems of describing our vibrational code.  I have known people who have changed their names and I have seen them become completely different. Why is this?

BECAUSE it’s all about the vibration of whom we are.  We are at our core, energy. We are vibrational beings; we have an energy signature and a resonance.  According to the Law of Attraction, what we resonate at ( or vibrate at) we attract.

SO as Vibrational Beings, how can we be confined by systems like astrology or numerology?  Is your life pre-determined?

I don’t think it is.  I think that we have within us a vast potentiality for being almost anything.  We these energy beings are placed within a physical system, the body, the body is the vehicle.  It is confined by physical laws but the spiritual being can mould the clay of the physical.

THE planets have an effect on our physicality – we know for example the moon affects the tides and we as humans are said to be made up of 70% water, then it stands to reason that the moon will have an effect on us.  The other planets have different effects on us; they correspond to different parts of our physicality. The sun is our core, our heart, the moon is our feelings, and mercury corresponds to communication. If you have trouble believing this, then just wait for the next mercury retrograde period and watch what happens with your communications.

SO for me astrology and numerology give us our blueprint.  Much like you would have a drawing to build a house.  Once the house has been built though, you can add extensions, conservatories and more.  You can even knock it all down and start again.  Linda Goodman a great astrologer said that the birth chart was like a karmic play pen; it kept you in check until you were conscious enough to move beyond.

I use astrology, numerology and colour to give you a SOUL RESONANCE TM Reading.

THIS reading really highlights and shows you your blueprint.  Its like a mirror for you soul.

FROM that point, knowing who you are and having an understanding of all that has shaped you, you can move forward into your full potential and choose how you shape your life, in line with your heart’s desire.

heart rainbowUSING quantum energy techniques like Matrix Reimprinting TM , Soul Coaching, Vibrational Remedies, Sound and Colour you embark on a journey to Soulwellness.

MY heart to yours – I love this work – Jane Hart

A recent testimonial

“Hi Jane, I am going to use the words Huge and Gargantious Thank you for your reading. I know I was fizzing on Saturday and I have listened to all just now and will do again over the coming weeks. From a soul perspective it is awesome and from a human perspective the way you explained the process and concepts was clear and engaging. Being able to link all of this together is key.  Thank you for using your box of delights and magic to inspire. Sue

Numerology with knobs on!

Numerology with knobs on!

Numerology with knobs on!

starI have worked with astrology for over 20 years. It has been part of my life for much longer as my mum had a number of books which I used to love to read as I was growing up. I have also worked with numerology for a number of years.

My interest in these subjects was sparked by a desire to know more about myself and by a search for a really meaningful career, one where I could help others, and feel like I was a making a positive difference.

In the right hands astrology and numerology can be incredibly empowering in helping you to find out who you really are. They are ultimately show you, your blueprint.

More recently a new numerology has hit the frontline, right when humanity needs it most. It is called “the Numerology of Moses” and it was originally chanelled into form by visionary Frank Alper who taught the system to Nicolas Ngan of the Centre for Conscious Ascension.

This numerology is what I call “Numerology with knobs on” not a very spiritually sounding term I know but it seemed at the time the best way to describe it.

There are two books on the subject, Your Soul Contract Decoded by Nicolas David Ngan and Soul Plan by Blue Marsden, both make good reading.

In my Soul Resonance Readings I use the numerology of Moses and link it with astrology, colour and sound to provide a reading that gets right to the core of who you are.

The awesome accuracy of this this numerology gives a really empowering reading. For me it was as if someone had just shown me a mirror.

I am a trained soul path/ soul plan practitioner and if you are an alternative practitioner then I highly recommend this system for helping you to help your clients.

If you would like to arrange a Soul Resonance Reading which is a blend of numerology, astrology, colour and sound, please contact me for further information.

May love and light prevail.


Losing a Loved One






Losing a Loved One




Do you ever ask yourself what life is all about?


For many years of my life I worked with life and death issues as many people who are involved in the medical professions do.  I grew up in a veterinary practice and on a daily basis I was conscious of the little lives coming into this world and also of those who had chosen to leave. Working for ten years as a veterinary nurse I consoled and counselled those who had had to part with their beloved pet and friend.

Those of us that work with animals or have them in our lives seem to me have chosen to work more consciously with the issues of life and death.  Many many times when someone has lost an animal I have heard them say never again, I can’t go through that again, it was too painful. But then somehow a little creature finds its way into their life and once more the heart opens and they blossom with love for their new companion.

I believe that we come into this life to gain experiences, we bring nothing into this life of a material nature and we take nothing out, therefore it seems to me as a spiritual being having a human experience ~ experience is what we seek.

Life and death issues force us to face our mortality, that we are not here forever, despite what the ego thinks, and the ego fears death. To contemplate the immortality of spirit is comforting, that there may be part of us that goes on forever.

I seem to have faced the fears of losing someone I love many times and I have lost those that I love to this physical existence.  Each time it has been a heart rendering experience that has reminded me of the fact that over some things we just do not have control. Just recently whilst the sun was in Scorpio and the during my Chiron return* I had to face once again my fears of losing someone I loved.

As I plunged into the depths of the emotion it was like being on a white water raft ride, at times I thought I was going to drown and I grasped onto the rocks in my physical existence to stop me being washed away and in an attempt to ground myself. As I struggled to control the full force of my emotions I had no choice but to surrender to a force far great than me and I became mindful of the process.

As I sit here today and write this the wind is howling and the rain is pouring down from a grey grey sky.  I can’t help but think how the emotions we experience on the human level are like the storms that have and are affecting our beautiful Mother Earth ~ Gaia. For in truth we are the microcosm within the macrocosm as within so without.  Considering the recent tragedy in the Philippines, could this be part of Mother Earths call for help?

Our thoughts prayers, hearts are sent out to those people who have lost those that they love and our aid to help those that are surviving in difficult times.

As I searched to find my balance in my emotional storm I realised what I needed was grounding and focusing and a real reminder to be grateful for this present moment for truly that is all that we have.  We are elemental beings and are affected by the elements within us. Astrology divides the 12 signs in the 4 elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air.  If we work with these elements within our charts we can help ourselves find balance.  For example a good homeopathic remedy for emotional issues could be Nat Mur and this remedy in its crude form is salt. The waters of the seas are full of salt; we have to maintain the correct salt levels in our tissues.  When we cry our tears are salty. If the water element gets out of control we could become hysterical. To balance the element of water we need earth, for another astrological example if we are a water sign (cancer, Pisces etc.) then we may be balanced by an earth sign like Taurus or Capricorn.  Think of a jug of water, the water is calm and contained with the jug.  Then think of water being flushed down a drain.  Water does need to flow but when it gets out of control as we have seen in recent floods it is a very powerful force.  So too are our emotions and by working with the elements , astrology and homeopathy, EFT and more we can begin to consciously take more control and bring ourselves back into balance.

There are many ways to deal with grief; we have to start by acknowledging that this is what we are feeling. It is a very natural process to grieve for something/someone that we have loved and valued that is no longer in our physical existence with us.  I have found that each time we have to deal with a personal grief it can trigger previous episodes of grief and it has somewhat a cathartic effects as things come up for healing.

It seems that what has brought me the most comfort is in my  growing faith that we are spiritual beings.

When I worked in a veterinary practice with all those animals, each time I work with clients or spend time with people I am constantly reminded that when spirit is in residence in form be that animal or human, there is a presence an animation, a light a certain something that I really at this moment do not have words for.  It’s like a candle which is lit.

In contrast when a spirit leaves a body and the person animal is termed as dead it is then that you come to realise that in that body there is nothing there.  The candle has gone out. The body is like an empty shell an empty vehicle.

When I sat with my dad 25 years or more ago as he died I called in the angels to help him cross, even though at that point in time I knew very little about angels, that was what I felt  I needed to do.  When we went back to view the body some 10 minutes or so after his spirits departure I was shocked by what remained as it bore no real resemblance. At that moment I became aware that we must be so much more than the physical, this material body that we exist within.  When I worked in a hospital and had to walk through the morgue on several occasions, the bodies that I passed could easily have been made of wax, there was no light, no spirit, just empty shells.

For each and every creature that has been in my care I have noted the same thing~ as spirit leaves, as the light goes, all that is left behind is an empty vessel.

I am so grateful to all those experiences, to those spirits that have shown me, reminded me of what spirit is.

It is never easy to lose a loved one, how can it be, when we have loved and been loved, and my heart goes out to all those out there that have lost a loved one. May each and every one of us find peace in this process.  For that is what it is a process.  We arrive on this planet at a given time and depart at a given time and in between we have life.  Let’s celebrate that life, that spark that spirit within all of us.

Who knows when we next have to face the challenge of losing a loved one.  May we take comfort in the fact that their spirit is going home and although we no longer have them in our physical existence, that there is a part of them that goes on forever. May we find the strength within ourselves to be able to release them to go home to source.

 Some of the most useful techniques/ tools that I have found to help with loss are

  •  Bach Rescue Remedy


  • Homeopathic remedies, Ignatia and Nat Mur


  • EFT and Matrix Reimprinting


  • Mindfulness, Prayer and Meditation


  • A big cuddle from someone you love and a  chat, compassion and understanding.


 From the spirit in me to the spirit in you

I wish you peace, blessings and compassion.

Jane xxxx










The Lamplighter Movement ~ links with Chalice Well Glastonbury & Attingham Park

The Lamplighter Movement ~ links with Chalice Well Glastonbury & Attingham Park
chalice well glastonbury
Chalice Well Glastonbury

The Lamplighter Movement~ Light a Lamp for Freedom and Peace


Lamplighter Movement Suggested prayer of dedication

I kindle this little light on the earth plane.

 I dedicate it to the service of the Spirit.

  I guard and cherish this flame as a living symbol and

 An act of faith in the reality of the Powers of Light.

 May the Beings from Higher worlds see this flame

and kindle its counterpart on the ethereal plane.

 May this ethereal light be a channel for the inflow of

 the healing powers of the spirit.

 May the Love of Christ permeate this building and protect it,

 warming the hearts and enlightening the

 understanding of all who live in it or enter it.

May the Being whom we know as Michael,

 Standard Bearer of the Christ,

 Wielder of the Sword of Light,

 use this offering,

 linking it with all those who have lit the light.

 May peace and healing spread through the world

and the regions of the Borderland

I am a companion of Chalice Well in Glastonbury.  One of the benefits of this is a free quarterly journal with all sorts of interesting bits of information.   I have to add you also get free entry to the well and gardens plus more!

In the autumn edition was an article by companion Claire Dixon which really inspired me. It was about the lamplighter movement of which I had never heard of before but believe me when you read about this you too will want to light such a lamp.

It was initiated by the late Wellesley Tudor Pole who was the founder of Chalice Well, Wellesley Tudor Pole had been instrumental in the “Silent Minute” which was first adopted during the Second World War when Winston Churchill  instructed the BBC to broadcast the chimes of Big Ben at 9pm to the nation to promote a minute of silence as a means of spiritual focus and unity at a time of darkness.

I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire and Claire in her article then goes on to mention the National Trust Property “Attingham Park”.  This is about 20 minutes away from me and I have never been there, but today as I read this article I just knew that is where I was going.

In 1964 Wellesley Tudor Pole attended a conference hosted by Sir George Trevelyan at Attingham Park.  Sir George was the head of a higher education centre that was based there for many years.

According to Claire’s article Wesley had received a message which came from  “a great and lovely being” and this message was for a light to be lit in every home where the will to do good service is the watchword.  Wellesley at this time was beginning to age and he asked if Sir George would take on this project.  The project of lighting a lamp and dedicating it to the light and the light within in us all.  And so the Lamplighter movement was born.  The first light was lit in the upper window at Attingham Park on Midsummers day 1964.

Claire’s article goes on to mention that Attingham lies geographically more or less in the centre of England and almost as a centre of a wheel for light to radiate out along its spokes.

When I visited Attingham today I couldn’t find out much about this but down in the shop on the lower floors a light was burning, a pseudo candle with an amber flame.  Then in magnificent dining room all set for dinner many pseudo candles were burning.  When I mentioned this movement to a couple of the guides, or staff, none seemed to know of it and I thought how sad, so here I am writing this now to tell you.

It was requested that all the lamps be of amber as amber can be taken to represent the spiritual sun, the source of life.  This also connects very much to the sacral energy, the energy of the second chakra, the orange, the creative power, the goddess energy.

It is also very interesting to note that the house was built with two wings representing the male and female energies.  The East, the female part of the house, the west the male…  The sun rises in the East and sets in the West and here we find balance.

So as I end this blog now I would greatly encourage you to check out the following websites for more information on the “Lamplighter Movement” in the hope that you too will be encouraged to dedicate a flame to the light.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

With love light and rainbows and many thanks to Claire Dixon, a companion of the well for your inspiration.




What’s your Soul Purpose?

What’s your Soul Purpose?

red-heart-with-keyWhy are you here? Are you searching for your Soul Purpose?

This is a question that I have asked myself many times and I know a lot of other people do too.

When we incarnate into this world, the majority of us have forgotten what we came for. It’s a bit like you are upstairs at home and think of something which is downstairs, when you get downstairs you have forgotten what you came for.

I believe that each of us have a Unique Gift to offer the world. There is something that you can do that nobody else can do the way you can.

Not knowing what our gift is can leave us feeling depressed, disconnected and with a vague feeling of knowing that we could be doing something else that would bring us more peace and happiness but we just don’t know what it is. We carry on doing the same old things, behaving in the same old ways, longing for change but having no idea what to do about it. At other times it seems as if life takes over and we get made redundant or experience a relationship break up and more.

If this message speaks to you and you would like to know more about what you came here to do, then I can help you find the answers.

How I can help you

I work with astrology and numerology to get to the core of who you are, to help you find the original blueprint that you came in with.  My aim is to help you find clarity and to give you a map for this journey. and wellness for your soul. Once we have uncovered  your soul purpose I use flower essences, homeopathy and EFT to support the process.

This process can be particularly useful at life stage changes like:-

  • redundancy
  • job changes
  • school changes (particularly primary to secondary)
  • divorce
  • loss of a loved one

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Homeopathy for children

Homeopathy for children

babyHomeopathy is one of the oldest most accepted forms of natural medicine.

The benefits of using homeopathic remedies for children and families a like cannot be underestimated.  With just a simple knowledge of remedies it is possible to treat minor ailments and obtain relief from symptoms. For the parent it is wonderfully reassuring to have something that they can turn to, perhaps in the middle of the night, or whilst waiting for the GP appointment.

Homeopathy is holistic and takes into account the whole person, that is to say, it treats the whole person, not just the symptoms. Having an alternative way of treating minor ailments is becoming more vital especially as the current efficacy and use of antibiotics is under question.

To identify the correct remedy you will often have to make careful observations of your child, particularly if they are very young, or unable to talk.

Consider the following

  • When did the problem start, e.g. was it after the child got wet, after being out

In the wind, did it come on suddenly or did it develop gradually

  • Skin colour, e.g. facial flushing or paleness
  • Temperament is the child weepy, anxious or fearful etc.
  • Location – where’s the pain
  • Sensation- what does it feel like
  • Better/worse- what makes them better, e.g. they may seem better after a drink, or it may be worse if they move but better when they are still
  • Appetite/thirst

This month we will look at homeopathic remedies for colds.


Given at the beginning of colds, first sign of illness, also good for shock.

Colds that come on suddenly perhaps after getting wet or chilled

Sore throat, dry cough

High temperature, thirsty

Symptoms improve in the open air or by throwing off the bed clothes

Symptoms worse by cold winds, lying on affected side, midnight


Also useful at the beginning of colds,

Brightly flushed face, dull eyes, swollen glands (e.g. throat)

Severe throbbing pains, throat, ears, toothache

Dry cough

Symptoms improve from warmth and sitting up

Symptoms worse afternoon and at night, from noise, touch, lying down


Slow onset of flu or colds, tiredness, heaviness of limbs, sneezing, sore throat,

Running nose, shivering.

Nervousness, worry (even consider nervousness when needing to return to school after a cold)

Symptoms improve in the open air, after urinating

Symptoms worse about 10am, hot rooms

Allium cepa

Nose, profuse dripping watery acid, irritating discharge.

Violent sneezing fits, hot and thirsty

Eyes burning, smarting

Tickling cough that hurts the larynx

Symptoms improve in the open air

Symptoms worse in a warm room

Nat Mur

Watery discharge from the nose, thick, may be white

Sneezing fits

Nose alternatively runs or is blocked, maybe sores inside

Eyes watering in the wind, maybe cold sores, dry cracked lips

Very thirsty

Sensitive, may seem depressed, wants to be left alone

Symptoms improve with fresh air, sweating and cool bath.

Symptoms worse mid-morning, sun, warmth,


Child wants to be fussed, carried, wants attention, whiny, clingy

Usually later stages of a cold with thick, green, yellow mucous, bad smelling

Loss of smell and taste, no or little thirst

Symptoms improve in open air or by open window, (like body warm) but access to fresh air

Symptoms worse in the evening.

 How to Give Remedies

Remedies need to be given in a clean mouth 15 mins prior to food/drink or after and can be chewed or sucked. Remedies are available in different potencies (energetic strength) for acute conditions give 1 dose every hour for 6 doses and then 3 times a day. In chronic cases start with 1 dose 3 times a day. Remedies can be purchased in 30c or 6c.

A 30 c is best for acute and a 6c for chronic. In acute situations where you only have a 6c, just give the remedy more often.

Acute – something like a cold, or flu, an illness, or injury that happens reasonably suddenly

Chronic – an on-going condition like eczema, asthma

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